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Telephone Campaigns

Telephone campaigns allow you to speak directly to your potential customers to let them know what your message is. It allows you to put a voice to the company and gives a more personal approach.

We currently have access to 25 million landline and 20 million mobile fully compliant telephone numbers across the UK, which can be de-duped against your existing database so you don’t pay for any duplicates. Get in touch for a specific telephone data count based on your requirements.

Telephone data targeting options include

  • Age
  • Location
  • Residential status
  • Income
  • Car driven
  • Job title
  • Interest
  • Behaviour

It’s important to us that we only supply telephone data for people who are happy to receive calls so we can run TPS (Telephone Preference Service) checks to make sure numbers are not registered and HLR (Home Location Register) checks to make sure mobiles are active.

We are members of the DMA so you can be sure to have appropriate responsive telephone data for your advertising efforts. Information on data rules and regulations can be found here.

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