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PPC is changing, Google is evolving, big businesses are now looking like they are starting to squeeze out the smaller companies fighting for their advertising space. the problem this generates? Lower brand awareness for small and medium sized companies who can no longer use their marketing budget to compete.

The solution? Simple. it’s a targeted exclusive message to your potential customer.


For many years, companies have been convinced that only using PPC can generate business, a lot of smaller companies have been told by using AdWords, that is the strongest channel to reach their customers, I’m not saying it doesn’t work, I’m saying it’s A channel, not the only channel.

A targeted, exclusive, email using a cost per thousand (CPM) model is perhaps one of the most cost effective ways of reaching a large, targeted audience. Email being a large creative format gives the business a chance to get a large amount of information across to the potential consumer, with strong calls to action, it can help generate large amounts of brand awareness, plus, a massive difference is, it can be used much more effectively for time sensitive campaigns unlike PPC or CPL.

In your business, you already know your core demographics, the people who are buying from you or using your services day in and day out. Surely it makes sense to speak to these people first. and with a targeted email, aimed only at your core target audience, you are already half way through the process of attracting new customers to come to your website.

Here at Ginger Nut media, we are CPM specialists, running literally thousands of campaigns, we understand the wants and needs of clients, knowing that the marketing budget is a precious outlay for companies, so making sure it is used wisely and aimed to help generate as much business as possible for clients.

With PPC changing, now should be the time to look at alternative channels for your marketing needs. So why not get in touch? You will be surprised how cost effective and productive a targeted CPM email campaign can be, if you want to have a chat, see how we can help, give me a ring on 0207 4955110 or email me at simon.twitchett@gingernutmedia.com

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