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Postal Data

Direct mail can be a successful alternative to online advertising as well as in combination with digital marketing.

Postal campaigns allow you to get your message physically in front of a potential customer. Whether it’s a letter, postcard, leaflet or catalogue, you can post directly to your potential customers within a specific location or across the whole of the UK.

Other postal data targeting options include

  • Age
  • Residential status
  • Income
  • Car driven
  • Job title
  • Interests
  • Behaviour
  • Many more

All postal data is regularly cleansed to remove changed addresses and false records. This ensures it’s always as up to date as possible so that you get high quality, responsive data for your campaign.

We also offer design services so why not combine this with your postal campaign? We can design the materials you will be sending to your potential customers so that they are eye-catching and appealing and will make recipients take notice of your message.

It’s important to us that we only supply addresses for people who are happy to receive postal communications so we comply with MPS (the Mailing Preference Service).

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