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Google Alphabet

Google Alphabet

Since Google launched in September 1998, very little has changed to the company itself. New ideas have been tried, new ventures explored, but Google as a company has remained at the centre of it all.

Therefore, the announcement on 10th August 2015 by Google that they would be forming a new company, Alphabet, and restructuring all of their holdings underneath it shocked virtually everyone.

Whilst this may seem like a confusing name-change, it is in reality far more than that. Larry Page, CEO of the newly formed company Alphabet, explains that the reason for this sudden consolidation is to make Google’s collection of companies ‘…cleaner and more accountable…’ and ultimately slim Google down and let each area concentrate on being their own brand and having their own image. Put his own way, Page explains that it’s about letting each business prosper ‘…through strong leaders and independence.’

A key question for us and many of our clients is: what does this mean for us, the consumers of many of Google’s websites and services? Thankfully, the answer is, not very much at all. Google as a company will simply become a fully-owned subsidiary of Alphabet and will continue to operate their search engine, YouTube, GoogleMaps, AdWords, and other ventures themselves, and they will keep their Google branding. Conclusively, very little, if anything at all, will change for any of us!

Critically, this opens up opportunities for Google to further less well-known brands such as technology-development company Nest, and biological research company Calico, without the over-bearing shadow of the Google brand hanging over them.
A complete press release from Google, detailing several other details can be found here

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