We’re Fundraising for Families Affected by Disaster! We’re Fundraising for Families Affected by Disaster!
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Today at Ginger Nut Media, we are fundraising in aid of Shelter Box; a charity very close to our hearts.

One of our directors; Dan Williams will be walking a whole 26 miles (that’s about 12 whole hours of walking!) at a 7am start on the 24th September at the London Marathon Walk!

We can’t express how proud we are of Dan! If you would like to make a donation or find out more; click here.

In hope of fundraising as much as we possibly can, all members of staff are also holding a ‘dress down’ day today, where we are all donating at least £1 each with all proceeds going to the charity.

A few of us have also put our aprons on and have taken part in ‘The Big Divine Bake Off’, where all cooking chocolate used has been supplied by Divine Chocolate themselves! Find out more about Divine here.

We have decided to have an internal bake sale with the delicious treats that Divine Chocolate has helped us create. All money raised will also go towards our donation to Shelter Box!

About Shelter Box:

Shelter Box is a charity that travels all over the world to help those who have been effected by disasters that have caused their homes to be destroyed. Those families are then given a ‘Shelter Box’ or ‘Shelter Kit’, which contains all the correct tools that are needed for them to begin rebuilding their homes and transform their lives.

The ShelterBoxes are designed to help people who have lost everything, by being filled to the brim with practical tools and utensils, such as solar lights, water storage, purification equipment, thermal blankets and cooking utensils. Each ShelterBox also contains a family-sized tent that protects people from the harsh outdoors and provides them with a safe space, in which people can start to recover from physical and emotional trauma.

The charity also provide ‘ShelterKits’, which contain a selection of materials, such as toolkits, ropes, and heavy-duty tools that can be used to make emergency shelters and repair damaged buildings, as well as creating foundations for new homes. These kits are also customised to suit each location and the needs of each community, as ShelterBox understands that one size definitely doesn’t fit all!

Shelter Box only started out as a small organisation in West Cornwall in the UK and have rapidly made a huge impact across the world. Click here for more information on the charity.

Further Fundraising:

As well as fundraising for Shelter Box; a valued member of our team, James Kearney is also fundraising for MacMillan Cancer Support!

He has set himself a target to raise £250 by the 1st of September. If you would like to find out more or help James meet his target with a donation; then click here.

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