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Email Advertising

Ginger Nut Media is a digital marketing company specialising in delivering successful email advertising / email marketing campaigns. Our company promises to give you the best customer care and aims to be the best online advertiser around.

We can work with you to identify and target the consumers or business groups you want to reach. Using broad targeting such as age, gender or income or more specific identifiers such as interest, job title or car driven, we can make your email broadcast more direct and cost effective. With years of experience and specialist knowledge we will ensure you surpass your campaign’s objectives.

We believe that every company is unique which is why we provide tailor-made email campaigns to get you the best return from your investment. The online advertising expertise of our in-house team means that we ensure we can work with you every step of the way. We have access to a wide variety of leading branded and response led, opt-in email lists.

How do you we do it?

Our step-by-step process includes:


1 - Planning

Identify the audience you want to reach and work out the most cost effective way to reach them

2 - Design

Our in house design team can create custom email creatives using their experience of best practice email design

3 - HTML Coding

Our technical team can code your email to work across all ESPs and devices

4 - Testing

Nothing will be sent until you are completely happy with the design, tracking and coding of your email

5 - Delivery

Our best dedicated channels will ensure optimal deliverability in your customers inboxes

6 - Reporting

We will supply you with a full report showing how many people saw your email and how many people clicked on it

7 - Analysis

By testing across multiple sources and using accurate tracking we can identify who responded to give you more insight into your potential customers

8 - Optimise

Using the knowledge and insight gained from the email campaign we can ensure that future activity is focused on the most responsive audience and improve your results further

Email advertising

What we offer

Email Advertising / Email Marketing is all about getting your product and brand in front of your target market and is very effective for both brand and direct response campaigns. As a fully opted in, full screen advert it is one of the most impactful forms of digital advertising available, whether on desktop, tablet or mobile. Using tracking technology means that direct email marketing is also one of the most measurable forms of digital advertising, meaning you get tangible results on your investment!

Ginger Nut Media have access to millions of email addresses in the UK alone, which can be segmented into age, gender, postcode and more, leading into specific targeting such as hobbies and interests on specialist premium lists. Our services run across both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) data. As with all of our advertising content, our email services are guaranteed to perform the best in the industry.

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