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Cost per Lead (CPL)

Cost per lead, often abbreviated to CPL, is a campaign designed to produce leads for a client.

CPL campaigns can work through many verticals, such as Email, Online Surveys and Telesurveys.

You only pay for leads generated with CPL, this ensures that you only pay for potential customer’s confirmation that they are interested in your services or product.

CPL campaigns allow clients to pick mandatory fields that need completing by the consumer before submitting their interest (e.g. contact details).

CPL also allows clients to pick criteria that must be agreed to by a customer before they become a “lead”, e.g. they agree to be contacted, they spend £200 a month on electricity minimum.

CPL (or Cost Per Lead) is one of the best ways to drive new and targeted traffic to your website and generate more business.
This is where a company pays for an accurate sign up from a consumer that is interested in your offer and is also known as online lead generation.

Ginger Nut Media can segment and generate leads specifically for your company’s core audience and demographic.
This means that we can generate new leads that are within your selected targeting to create more brand awareness.

CPL campaigns are more suitable for direct marketers and even brand marketers to obtain a consumers basic personal information through sign up pages on your website, rewards programmes to connect with potential consumers that are as influenced about your brand.

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