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Buisness to Consumer (B2C) Email Advertising

B2C or business to consumer marketing is a great way to get your products and services directly in front of your prospective customers.

Through the Ginger Nut Network we have many targeting options including:

  • Residential status
  • Location
  • Declared income- household or personal
  • Car driven
  • Job title
  • Postcode lived in
  • Interest selections
  • Behavioural

Using these we can reach your target audience for the best outcomes. In order to get best value we would usually recommend a mixture of the above targeting selections which, along with accurate tracking, will enable us to optimise your campaign. Email campaigns tend to work best when targeted to a broad audience, this maximizes the odds of reaching a large number of potential customers, keeps the cost down and enables you to get a firmer idea of exactly who responds to this type of campaign.
We have previously run successful B2C email campaigns for companies such as TalkTalk, the RSPB and The National Trust
We are a member of the Direct Marketing Association, so all data that we use is always best practice data and you can be confident that all rules and regulations are being followed. Find out more about the DMA here.

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