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An early look at the Windows Bridge

Windows 10 launched globally in 190 countries on 29 July 2015, and Windows Insiders have started to receive their upgrade to the full OS, with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users who registered for a free upgrade expecting to see the new OS roll out to them shortly. Windows 10 is all about bridging the gap between computer and tablet. Giving your hand held devices the power of a computer. Meaning you are able to do more with less.

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Say Goodbye to Google Plus

Google announced on Monday they will be getting rid of Google+. You will no longer need a Google Plus account to log into YouTube for example. Since its launch in 2011 Google+ has been a vital part of the Google experience. It was used to unify all its services to create a community for all.

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Mobile Optimisation

Nowadays, you should really mobile optimise your website because a lot of people worldwide use mobile phones, so mobile optimisation is critical to your business. Most people in a business or company will own a smart phone so it’s probably a really good idea to mobile optimize your website. From doing this, you will get a lot more views and interests to your website.

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Ginger Yeard – 6 Months in

6 months ago, a fantastic member of the team decided to grow a Ginger Yeard in full hope of raising a large sum of money for charity. Which in case you haven’t guessed is a yearlong beard! His starting look resembled a plucked turkey (a slightly porky one at that being just after the festive season), but now he is beginning to look more and more unkempt (which is the aim!)

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How are Responsive Emails made?

If your targeted market has 70% of them looking at your fancy email on their mobile device then you will want it to fit properly.

The typical html email has a preset width, we recommend 600px, and would look fine on a computer monitor. However, mobiles do not have screens this big. It would be difficult for them to be mobile if they did. So what they do is shrink the email down to fit their screen.

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The ins and outs of B2B email Campaigns

B2B Email Campaigns aren’t just about send out a bunch of emails to see what come back, it’s about actually engaging with that key target market in a professional manner, optimising the campaign to make sure you and us are reaching that correct demographic and target, most of all to contact those essential avenues from which you can create leads, Brand Awareness and ROI.

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What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct Marketing is a good way to generate “Leads”. A Lead is a potential buyer showing some level of interest through emails, tele surveys or online surveys. It is generated with the intention of creating a potential buyer through opted-in campaigns (targeted email marketing lists). This will ensure that the information provided is targeted to your needs as a company.

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A History of Email: Digital Media’s beginnings

Digital Media is a way of sharing information with the masses, people want to be able to get their information as quickly as possible, it needs to be relevant and correct. One of the most common and widely used digital media formats is email. Email was never invented, it happened naturally and progressed at rate that took over the world and is used as a very effective marketing tool.

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Facts about Telemarketing

Telemarketing is a method of direct marketing in which a salesperson gets in contact with prospective clients or existing customers about the products or services that they offer. Telemarketing can be used to create leads for a company, gather marketing information and make sales. It has been suggested that telemarketing is a much more practical and cost effective way to sell then to send a company representative to the potential client’s house/office.

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