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Next month is GDPR

We’ve been talking about it for a while now and the legislation has been going through changes constantly, but we are now only a month away before GDPR becomes enforced. I hope you’ve been looking at how GDPR is going to affect you because in short…it is going to...

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GDPR – Solutions for the Problems

There is no escaping the fact that data protection is changing and that GDPR is coming. So much of what has been said about it is based around fear and panic. Not necessarily surprising when you consider the size of potential fines that could be enforced! The worry...

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GDPR for businesses dealing with consumers

We’ve looked a bit a GDPR in one of our previous papers “GDP…aaaargh!” and even referred to it being a little easier to understand what you’ll need to do if you hold databases of consumers data. The understanding might be a little easier but what you need to do is not...

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You’ve all heard of it. Those four letters that have been causing nightmares for marketers and anyone with a database! It is now less than 100 days until the new regulations come into force. If you are like most people (including me) you’ve been reading as much of the...

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PPC is changing, but don’t panic!

PPC is changing, Google is evolving, big businesses are now looking like they are starting to squeeze out the smaller companies fighting for their advertising space. the problem this generates? Lower brand awareness for small and medium sized companies who can no...

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Social Media Engagement: When is the best time to post?

The topic of social media engagement has never been more important for modern companies. With more and more organisations adopting social media as a main part of their marketing plans, consumers have come to expect high levels of personalized interaction, quality content, and frequent updates via social media.

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