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PPC is changing, but don’t panic!

PPC is changing, Google is evolving, big businesses are now looking like they are starting to squeeze out the smaller companies fighting for their advertising space. the problem this generates? Lower brand awareness for small and medium sized companies who can no...

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Social Media Engagement: When is the best time to post?

The topic of social media engagement has never been more important for modern companies. With more and more organisations adopting social media as a main part of their marketing plans, consumers have come to expect high levels of personalized interaction, quality content, and frequent updates via social media.

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An early look at the Windows Bridge

Windows 10 launched globally in 190 countries on 29 July 2015, and Windows Insiders have started to receive their upgrade to the full OS, with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users who registered for a free upgrade expecting to see the new OS roll out to them shortly. Windows 10 is all about bridging the gap between computer and tablet. Giving your hand held devices the power of a computer. Meaning you are able to do more with less.

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Say Goodbye to Google Plus

Google announced on Monday they will be getting rid of Google+. You will no longer need a Google Plus account to log into YouTube for example. Since its launch in 2011 Google+ has been a vital part of the Google experience. It was used to unify all its services to create a community for all.

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Mobile Optimisation

Nowadays, you should really mobile optimise your website because a lot of people worldwide use mobile phones, so mobile optimisation is critical to your business. Most people in a business or company will own a smart phone so it’s probably a really good idea to mobile optimize your website. From doing this, you will get a lot more views and interests to your website.

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Ginger Yeard – 6 Months in

6 months ago, a fantastic member of the team decided to grow a Ginger Yeard in full hope of raising a large sum of money for charity. Which in case you haven’t guessed is a yearlong beard! His starting look resembled a plucked turkey (a slightly porky one at that being just after the festive season), but now he is beginning to look more and more unkempt (which is the aim!)

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