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Looking for an opportunity to gain experience and knowledge?

Want to get ahead in a competitive industry?

An apprenticeship could be route for you

We provide apprenticeship training across a variety of areas including Marketing, IT, Web Development, Sales, Customer Service, Finance and Business Administration.

As a training provider we care passionately about providing you with an opportunity to make your way in your professional life through quality apprenticeships.

We’re always looking for bright, enthusiastic, hardworking individuals and the best bit is you do not need to have any experience within the industry.

What will you gain?

  • Job with a skills and development program
  • Open to everyone over 16 years old
  • Employment at a company and a paid wage
  • Gain technical knowledge and practical experience
  • Work better and more effectively
  • Better job security

Ginger Nut Media won the Newcomer SME of the Year award at the National Apprenticeship Awards 2014 for the South East. Our work with apprentices particularly in our regional office in Colchester and our dedication to staff development helped us to win this award – if you think this could be the route for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We love our apprentices because:

  • They allow us to grow quickly yet sustainably
  • They allow us access to local talent that’s often overlooked because of lack of formal experience
  • Apprenticeships act as a gateway to a career and often our apprentices stay with us after they have completed their apprenticeship
  • They are eager to learn and develop
  • Entering the company through an apprenticeship can improve loyalty
  • They are trained specifically to meet the company’s needs
  • They provide a concentrated, dedicated workforce
  • They are valuable to the company due to their hardworking attitude, determination to learn and flexible skills
  • They bring youth and creativity to the company to make the workplace a fun and inspiring place to work
  • Success is rewarded with national awards and celebration events
  • Funding and incentives are available to help when taking on apprentices

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